Residential Window Cleaning Services

"I can't believe how clearly I can see out!"

"I didn't realize just how dirty they were!"

"It is so much brighter in here now."

These are some of the most common responses homeowners offer after having LWC professionally clean their windows. We guarantee not only our work but your entire experience with us. Here's why:

We're Careful

We understand your home, property and belongings are precious to you. That is why we take utmost care to protect your beautiful home and belongings while working in and around them.

Inside precautions include:

  • Wearing clean shoe covers at all times
  • Properly moving or covering anything that may be dripped on while cleaning
  • Use of clean soft ladder mitts to avoid any chance of marking walls or trim
  • Employing only safe setups and techniques


  • Deck Glass
  • Sky Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • Gutter / Down Spout Cleaning

Our careful habits go with us when we move to the outside of your home. We do our best to watch our step especially around your flowers, yard decorations etc...

Although fully insured up to 1 million dollars we are proud of our clean accident free record!

We're Thorough

To guarantee and ensure a most complete and detailed cleaning the following is our process:

  • We start by removing and labeling all screens.
  • Screens are then thoroughly hand-cleaned using 100% biodegradable soap.
  • We begin cleaning the outside of your windows first, using a soft strip washer and a very concentrated window washing solution that is 100% safe and biodegradable. The solution we use will not only make your windows sparkle, but it'll protect the glass from the harsh elements.
  • We then carefully remove paint over-spray, bug marks, sap, etc from the glass surface.
  • After thoroughly wetting the window again with our strip washer and solution, we squeegee the water off and towel dry around the edges where water collects.
  • After the outside windows are done, we'll then move our operation inside and repeat the process.
  • When we're inside, we clean the window tracks and window sills.
  • It's now time to put all of the clean screens back in place.
  • To finish up, we will do a final inspection, double checking the windows and putting all of your furniture back where it was.

We're Professional

All of our clients are dealt with in a polite and professional manner.

  • Phone calls and eMails are returned promptly
  • You can count on us to keep our appointments and show up on time
  • Clean uniform attire